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I went to get a massage at a place in my neighborhood that I had never been to before. My neck was stiff as a result from sleeping wrong on it. I got into a room and they had a television on, which was nothing I’d ever seen before. Normally there may be soft music, etc- but not a television. The nuru masseuse got in the room and turned the television on to ‘General Hospital’ and proceeded to give me a blow by blow explanation of what was happening with which characters! Needless to say, relaxing wasn’t in the cards for me that day- BUT… I am now hooked on ‘General Hospital.’

On my boyfriend’s birthday I cooked an elaborate meal of all his favorite foods, including TWO of his favorite revenge gfs videos. He had been working all day long so I knew he’d be exhausted and famished. I had a hot bath waiting for him when he got home, and I welcomed him with a big birthday kiss. While he was in the bath I served our dinner, only to have him say he wasn’t hungry, that he’d grabbed a bite with a buddy. I found out the next day that the “buddy” was the other girl he’d been seeing for a month!

The Caucasian woman was comfortably sited in her room when her Afro-American neighbor paid an unexpected visit. She just loved the man’s body shape and asked him – Is it true that black are better? Feigning hot weather, she plucked off her shirt thus exposing her smooth succulent breasts, right under the nose of the visiting neighbor. The man’s sex drive arose expeditiously as he began to undress her further, holding her hips more tightly and wanting to savor her to the maximum.

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Nothing beats step-sister in love. As awkward it might sound it’s a huge turn on for me!

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